The Shocking Truth About Collagen and Elastin Creams

Before I discovered the truth and attempted to educate myself, I was an ordinary consumer who was lulled into believing that the solution to skin aging lay in skin creams that contained collagen and elastin. It does seem to make sense, doesn’t it?

Skin begins to show signs of aging like age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven texture, when two important proteins, collagen and elastin, are depleted over time.

These two proteins are responsible for the healthy texture, tone, firmness and suppleness that defines youthful skin.  Naturally, it is easy to believe that in order to reverse the signs of skin aging, what we should do is administer products that contain collagen and elastin.

As I did further research, however, what I discovered proved otherwise. I learned things, scientific research based facts, that the names and brands behind popular skincare products, obviously do not want us to know.

The most important fact being, collagen and elastin have completely no effect whatsoever  when administered through creams or pills. I discovered (and you can discover this too, with a little research online or by talking to medical professionals like  dermatologists) that the molecules that comprise the proteins collagen and elastin are too big to be absorbed by the skin.

I also discovered that collagen and elastin have a very complex structure that makes it impossible for topically or orally administered collagen and elastin to assimilate themselves into the same complex structure.

Basically this means that we have all been wasting alot of time and money on collagen and elastin creams and pills that are completely useless.

There is, however, a way in which one can still harness the skincare benefits of collagen and elastin. This does not depend on products that actually contain these two proteins, but on products that contain substances that help boost the body’s own natural production of these proteins. 

Such natural products actually do exist in the real world, and if we haven’t heard of them before, well…we can blame false advertising and propaganda. The same advertising and propaganda that has made it such a widespread belief that collagen and elastin skincare products are the key to the fountain of youth.

Basically what I’ve been trying to say is, if you want to use products that are actually effective in reversing the signs of aging, then do some research. There are real existing products that contain substances clinically proven to work, you need only to find out more about them.