The Shower Chair – Questions and Answers

I find it difficult getting in and out of the bath – what can I do?

If getting in and out of the bath is somewhat traumatic due to the sense that you may slip and fall at any moment then you really need to look for an alternative. Fortunately the shower is not the complete answer because the shower can also be quite awkward to use. The solution is in fact the shower chair. These chairs are seats that are within the shower which allows the individual using the shower to sit whilst washing.

What sort of shower chairs are available?

There are many sorts of shower chair available. There are fold up, fold down shower chairs, corner chairs, wall mounted chairs. There are many options for you to choose from in order to find the chair that most suits your personal circumstances.

Should I build in my shower chair?

Building in a chair into a shower is a really good idea. The chair is then a permanent fixture in the shower enclosure rather than a portable item that can get in the way if you are using the bathroom for some other reason than for showering. However, clearly the time to incorporate the built in chair into your bathroom is when you are undertaking a bathroom refurbishment and this may not be convenient to do prior to the point when the need for a shower chair becomes urgent.

Do portable shower chairs last?

Fortunately all chairs for use in the bathroom are both robust, well made and suitable for long term use in wet conditions so you should have no issues with the chairs not being good enough quality for long term use.

In conclusion then the shower chair is a very sensible alternative to pursue if you do struggle to have a bath and yet do not wish to stand whilst having your shower.