The Special Shoes-vibram Fivefingers

When you see Vibram Five Fingers at the first time, a word maybe would come to you mind, which is ugly. Compared with some fashionable shoes such as high heels and boots, Vibram Five Fingers are not beautiful, even they look a little weird. However, once you take the shoes on, you will never want to take them off. It is the fact that the shoes are very comfortable, you will just feel easy to run or walk with Five Fingers Shoes for their lightness. And if you have a problem with knees and shins with regular sneakers, the Five Finger shoes can fit the problem. Moreover, these shoes can keep your feet warm without the socks and even when wet.

As to Five Fingers Shoes, you need to get used to them since the soles are so thin, and they may hurt your heels for a while especially on concrete. But after about three weeks you will feel great with them. Of course the perfect shoes have their problems. For example, as the shoes material is special that is durable and warm, they may smell a little worse than sneakers do. It will be sure that you can not smell it when you are wearing the shoes, it only happen when you take the shoes off. So you do not need to worry about the smell problem. As there is such a problem, you may expect to wash these shoes as much as you can. But not like other shoes, the Five Fingers recommend warm wash and air dry, hence you can just leave them in the sun to dry instead of other unsuitable ways.

Except for the sport condition you can wear the shoes, in daily life you can wear them too. A living tissue will feel best when without bondage, as the five fingers shoes are so thin and special that you are close to find that you wear nothing. Vibram KSO and KSO Trek are among the product of five fingers shoes, whose quality is excellent, feeling is second to none and performance benefits seem to be realistic. You will love these shoes.