The Specialty of Venice

Venice is a very special city. Comprising 117 small islands and connected to the rest of Italy by rail and road, Venice have about 150 canals with 400 bridges. It has a natural beauty and is a very romantic destination to visit.

Venice is very old city established more than 1,000 years ago by seafarers and Roman refugees. It has played a vital role in making Italy a tourist’s destination and attracting foreigners by cheap flights to Italy. Visiting Venice is an easy way to see many attractive places. Among many attractions a few most popular and enchanting are;


The Grand Canal: it is the largest canal composing the city. It is approximately 2 miles, and 350 feet wide. If you take flights to Italy with flights to Italy it is the best way to take in all of the incredible architecture of building and palaces along this Canal, and the best way to explore these buildings is on board a vaporetta. Your Italy flights will give you the opportunity of enjoying greatness and intricacies that the Grand Canal has to offer. Thousands of tourists travel to Venice every year from worldwide destinations to enjoy Gondola rides.


Saint Mark’s Square: It is the principal square of the city, and has always been seen as the center of Venice. It is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. A major attraction for those taking Venice Italy flights to explore this city and country as well. It is beautifully filled with people, pigeons and music. It is proud host of thousands of visitors to the city and the country as well. You may visit St. Mark’s Church, the Doge’s Palace and Museo Correr, and bell tower. It also houses some large stores and restaurants.


Rialto Bridge: Rialto is the true hearty of Venice. It was constructed during 1588 and 1591. It is full of pedestrians as they climb up and down the stairways. There are rows of tightly packed shops, selling jewelry, leather, masks, silk and souvenirs on both sides of bridge. When you take flights to Italy from UK must take some camera with you as the whole city of Venice has scenic beauty to capture.