The Spice Of Thai Food: Healing Herbs, Healthy Dishes

Modern research has revealed through the years that herbs and spices can have a healing impact on the human body when consumed in high concentrations and on a routine basis. This is why so many people now focus on herbal supplements and medications that heal and support the body just as well as prescription medications.

Many of the spices and herbs that have been found to have healing properties for the human body happen to be used quite frequently in Thai dishes. This supports the idea that Thai food is healthier than most other cuisines found around the world. If you want something delicious and healthy, there are many Thai dishes that can tickle your taste buds while keeping your body healthy and functioning properly.

Authentic & Fresh Thai

In order to take advantage of the herbs and spices that are beneficial to your body, you have to consume fresh Thai food. There are some Thai restaurants and delivery services that don’t use fresh ingredients or which skimp on the herbs and spices that would normally be included in an authentic Thai meal.

Make sure that you are enjoying fresh Thai cuisine from a chef that uses fresh, wholesome ingredients. Not only will your body benefit from more of the spices that are so good for your body, but your food will taste much better as well. You can’t get that true Thai taste if fresh, natural ingredients are not used.

Explore Thai Cuisine

If your purpose for eating Thai food is to add spices and herbs into your diet that may help your body stay healthy, it is important to do some research into which spices have proven to give the benefits you wan to receive. You can then find Thai dishes that incorporate those spices to ensure you get what you ultimately want from your food.

For instance, if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and are interested in stopping the pain that you feel on a daily basis, you might be interested in spicy Thai dishes that use cayenne pepper. Why? Because cayenne pepper has proven to help block pain in the body, including joint pain.

If you are interested in digesting foods properly and supporting your digestive system, then foods that are high in fennel or ginger may be of interest to you. Do some research and you will find that a lot of other spices and herbs can used in your food to get a variety of different health benefits.

Not Diet Alone

One thing must be made very clear here: you aren’t going to get complete relief from arthritis or stop all of your digestion problems just by eating Thai foods that incorporate fresh spices and herbs. If you love Thai food, it certainly can help, but it isn’t a miracle cure for all of life’s little ailments.

To get the most relief from health problems causing you concern, use spices and herbs in your food as a supplement to a doctor’s treatment and other remedies.
The good thing about Thai food is it uses fresh ingredients and incorporates a lot of fruits and nuts that are very healthy for the body. There are also a lot of Thai dishes that are on the lighter side, such as soups and salads.

Of course, t here are definitely some fattening dishes in the Thai cuisine when you want to be a little naughty, but so many Thai dishes can be made very healthy! BOLA TANGKAS