The Style Of A Music Video Dress And Setting

The Style Of A Music Video  Dress And Setting

A music video must have a look, and it must have a style. Visit here

The actors in it should have a style. I call them actors because the singers and models in the video are in a setting. It may be a synthetic or manmade setting although the setting is made as real as possible. However it is still synthetic. And there is a mood in the video too! The mood is created through the scenographic mix, which is the mix of setting and costume or dress. Whatever about the intricacies of costume, there are the intricacies in setting too. For example, the setting has time and space. It may be at night or afternoon. Maybe the time doesn’t matter but let us look at a music video as an example where the time is important. This is Marc Almond and Gene Pitney’s 1980s song ‘Something’s got a hold of my heart’.

The night is important for the overall setting in ‘Something’s got a hold of my heart’. The night is where things happen and when people go out and enjoy themselves ; when they dance and sing. Note that there is a ‘where’ and a ‘when’. The night is a setting in itself. One can ask then how the night is represented in ‘Something’s got a hold of my heart’. See the beginning! A red limousine enters into a side street. Or one can say that the red limousine enters into shining lights in a rain-soaked street. The street too is in the entertainment area of theatre and nightclubs.

This sets up a setting but it doesn’t automatically set up a mood. However in some way this beginning sets up the purpose of the video. For there is a purpose! There is a type of ‘impetus’ and ‘meaning’ which carries the video forward. Yes there is purpose and maybe it comes from the entrance of the limousine. Overall the music is certainly what carries the video. The music is central. That is what can’t be overlooked, the fantastic sway and rush of the music. However the video in itself has purpose too.

There is a certain deception at first sight about the entrance of the red limousine. What is the red limousine? It is not clear. Maybe it is the edgy red which matters. However, what matters is that Marc Almond then enters behind the limousine; this limousine, which has a theatre-red color about it, and this limo attracts us too. Its color is edgy and stylish. Against the rainy side street, the ‘red’ gives a purpose to the opening scenes. For it is not just the limousine that attracts us. It is the ‘red’ and this ‘red’ will later appear in Pitney’s bow-tie as well as his large waistband. So there is a purpose and there is also irrevocable movement forward. The music helps but the color, the edginess help the video forward.Visit here