The Symptoms and Causes of Childhood Depression

Depression is a rather serious mental condition that thousands of people in the world have to contend with. Many of us know what this is like and have suffered through it in our own way. Although it is serious to see someone going through this condition there is a way to help them.

When we think about depression numerous of us think about adults and possibly even teenagers who have suffered through a horrible loss, abuse, or are addressing very real problems in their life. We never think about the hundreds of young kids who are battling it. It is difficult to imagine this because we automatically believe that children have carefree thoughts and never concern about anything or even have to.

But there are many children in the United States alone who live in a home where divorce, abuse, and even peer pressure is a very real trouble for them. These issues are real to them and have the ability to cause them to feel sad, depressed, and even hopeless. It may be challenging for these children to sometimes speak about how they are feeling and so they hide them in and become more depressed with time and more hopeless.

If you are a parent, sibling, friend, or other type of relative you have to learn to acknowledge the symptoms of childhood depression. They will not realize the need and importance of looking for help and will feel that there is no one they have the ability to turn to. Be recognizing the symptoms you will be able to get them the assistance that they call for.


Loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed
Won’t eat
Eat too much
Are not social with individuals they recognize

One of the best methods that you have the ability to care for childhood depression is to acquire a counselor or therapist that can function with them. They have to be someone that they have the ability to trust and whom they have the ability to speak with when they are having problems. This is more effective than anti-depressants – which have the ability to have negative side effects in children. Also ensure that if you are the parent that you make them feel comfortable and show them how much you love them.