The Taser C2 utilizes EMD

One particular man spoke about the benefits of understanding the art of self defense in one of our club meetings. He suggested that if anyone does not possess the skills, then he or she could use products like stun guns in order to protect themselves.We have general knowledge about Tasers though. I thought that only the police and security guards are allowed to be able to utilize these. Realizing this, we all started to research the internet for this kind of tools which we can use.In our search, we found out that manufacturers of Tasers have made improvements in the actual design. Among the latest development is actually the Taser C2. This particular unit is outfitted with the new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, providing it an practically 100% effectiveness ranking.

The Titanium TASER C2 With Laser, that is only 6 inches long, is one of these latest kinds. Even when it is dark, anyone can still strike your target precisely simply because of the red laser light and also the flashlight that it is outfitted with.It uses a cartridge which consists of a nitrogen powered launching system which shoots out two electrified darts which are connected to 15 feet of copper cable. Any kind of attacker will be blasted by the 50,000 volts of electricity.

The Electric Blue TASER C2 With Laser is another model which also has Shared Pulse Technology that causes voltage wave length fluctuations to project a weakening combination of high voltage, pulsating at various speeds, over a 30 second cycle.

An additional model that provides the same high voltage is the Leopard TASER C2. When their motor functions and also sensory perceptions are badly affected, the opponent will efficiently be stopped.

There are other models like the Red Hot TASER C2 With Laser which in turn shares the same features and also the model Black Pearl TASER C2 With Optional Laser. All of these Tasers have an anti-felon Identity system in order to ensure that it will certainly not be abused, as well as trigger safety covers to protect from unintentional discharge.

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