The Test You Must Pass to Achieve Spiritual Success in Business

When man thinks of challenges, the first notion that comes into mind is that God tends to block his way to successful endings.

Man often blames God of the reasons why he has to face this kind of life despite of dedication and hard work. Yet, that is the worst thing to think about when faced with trials because those challenges are just results of His so-called gifts.

Any kind of use might affect the blessings God has given and therefore man should not take his words against the challenges. All wrong-doings might be bouncing back to him unconsciously.

The thrill of life is through its boundaries, road-blocks which are trying to teach man of how to face it accordingly to their strengths.

A rose without its thorns will not illustrate a rose, thus, a life without a challenge cannot be called life. Furthermore, if there are no challenges, how can man learn from pure perfection?

Man should be thankful that he has the freedom to choose yet he also has the freedom to find solutions to the problems he’s facing.

Take it easy and imagine these examples:

The eagle learns to fly higher when there’s danger along the way. It learns how to follow the flow of the wind; the braver the coward thinks as he takes reason to move forward because mountain hampers the path which signals an obstacle.

See, even them has learned through life’s challenges. Obstacles in life cannot be ignored so only those determined enough to move forward can live happier.

It depends upon the person of how much he can resist the following obstacles.

In God’s grace however, all that has given to man can all be solved. In every will there will always be a way. Man should start determining his force facing lots of obstacles to prevent from blaming others.

When he gets used to the flow, surviving life’s challenges is the best breakaway for him to fight for greater goals

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