The third 3D upsurge brought by Avatar

The 3D movie Avatar greatly promotes development of the 3D market. On the BIRTV exhibitionn, there are 3D rocker arm, 3D video camera, 3D monitor and other 3D production equipments. In fact, the 3D movie has a long history and this is the third 3D upsurge. What’s will go on with the 3D upsurge? Will it develop as a complete industry?

At present, there is a complete industrial chain of 3D shooting, post production, saving and playback. Now there are display equipments and transmission equipments like HDD media players available.

Now the 3D standard is not clear. As the 3D device market grows to be mature, the 3D standard has become the key factor to make a healthy market. The postive 3D standard will lead and promote the development of the industry. The 3D standard can be divided into technology standard and product standard. The China 3D standard is the typical technology standard which will achieve the standards of implement through the promotion of the industry.

The 3D devices including 3D TV, 3D digital camera, glasses and video camera can come down to the product standard. The product standard is made through the mutual consultation of enterprises based on the developed technology and widespreading products. The technology is very important in the 3D process.

How to define 3D? What are the technical connotations of it? It involves the standards of manufacture, transmission and coding. We should have an overall planning framework in the whole making process.

We are lack of the content and talent. Though the 3D market has boomed, the present 3D film source is not plentiful but commonplace. The Avatar is a milestone in the development of the industry. But few works are as strongly concerned as Avatar. The content is important. In the content making, the director plays a key role. It’s significant whether the director can present the creative scene in 3D mode. A good director will compose a picture with a scene and plot. It’s indispensable to the high quality work. The Avatar does a good job on the idea and thought.

The movie should be in comformity with the visual habit of the audience. The 3D content making is advocated in Japan. When making the 3D content, it’s unecessary to place too much emphasis on the bubist vision of 3D. A proper 3D view environment will be created. The perfect combination of the shooting skill and imagination art will make a comfortable 3D environment. The poor 3D movie is produced as a result of the exaggerating of imagination art. It will make an exergerate effect and it will make the audience uncomfortable.

The greatest advantage of the comfort technology is that it’s computable. The reasonalbe standard will not make the eyes uncomfortable. And the 3D movie will be loved by the audience. So far at least, the development of 3D is still on the rise. The concern of the management, the passion of the manufacturer and the expectation of the audience will promote the rapid development of 3D.