The Third Alternative

The Third Alternative is my way I guess of saying let us ditch the over-zealousness and over-the-edge issues of each party, the outrageous fringe. We need not fight over a center ground with the fringe inciting chaos and controversy in the development of friendships, partnering and responsibility of working for the people and maintaining the efficient flows of our civilization. That is their job and there can be no excuses of our leadership in underperformance of that goal in maintaining our Nation’s strength.

Issues that come to light on the Federal Government Level, which do not involve the main mission are irrelevant, costly and only increase the Blob of Bureaucracy. These are distractions in the mission of government and expensive and unnecessary therefore we need to have them completely leave those ideas at home and focus on the fundamentals of running a civilization.

Yes we agree the government does nothing very well, absolutely nothing, with the dubious exception of wasting money in inefficiencies and putting up barriers and stifling the best our nation can be. In my humble opinion I believe our Federal Government’s number one job is to protect the American People and help foster consistencies amongst the states to promote the flows of the over all system and how our country and states interact with our neighbors. Consider the economies of scale available, these should not be squandered.

Is this third flow concept advocating the Independent Party, no not necessarily as that party seems to be at present to be collecting the fringe of all sides and is being labeled by the other two parties as doing so, whether or not it is completely. Still many way-out fringe groups have indeed signed onto the various independent parties. If the Right moves more towards the center then it moves once again closer to the left and in doing so seals the fate of our nation yet one more step closer to a socialist country. The whole nation is at drift from our strong roots and strength; that is unacceptable.

We have been slowly moving towards an unworkable situation. And let’s use an example of France as a much smaller nation in the first world embattling their socialist calling and let’s talk about the burning automobiles in riots, but not intervening for a month because that might give French Union Autoworkers something to build next year? And as 9% unemployment moves to 10% the people still vote for more free stuff. Their greatest companies, example Airbus; drown in political correctness fails to time markets and understand the realities, so again the country is to bail it out and the EU held to promote more funding until the next big mistake.

Indeed, the problems I see is that each time we move towards the center, it is like one more movement of ratcheting an unbreakable zip tie on the flows of our civilization, like putting a road block on our major freeways and then expecting everything to work perfectly in a Utopian Dream, that does not yet exist. Yet it could exist if we build it, of course with all the infighting we cannot build it.

How would we build it? Free Enterprise, free markets and entrepreneurship. America’s greatest strengths, we have more strength of character in our citizenry than anywhere in the world and the belief that nothing is impossible, yet we are making people less self reliant and weak. Weakness is not an American Trait, nor should it ever be. Perhaps this concept is worthy of propelling thought in 2007?