The Trick To Tracking Down A Low Cost Egyptian Holiday

While there is certainly exceptional value to be found in Egypt, lots of families do get disappointed with some of the prices of holiday packages from the different British airports. There is extremely good value to be stumbled on in the stores, cafes and dining establishments in the many resorts along with the terrific year round weather conditions, are just some of the reasons why The Red Sea is such a favourite holiday location.

The biggest hassle is that there are simply not enough flights to The Red Sea and this allows for costs to remain more than other popular European destinations. Granted that The Red Sea does fall into a more expensive APD (Air Passenger Duty) zone than European destinations but the airline costs dictate where you will get your holiday to The Red Sea for a good price or not.

When talking about flights to Egypt, we are talking about the main tourist destinations of Sharm and Hurghada. These two airports serve a number of resorts and although there are flights from the UK into Cairo, Taba and Marsa Alam, the busiest airports are Sharm and Hurghada.

As with any plane tickets, when planning to spend less, flexibility is the essential factor. Egypt is a highly popular place for families so school holidays, prices and availability can be a difficulty. Wherever possible, make an effort to travel in the course of term times. Historically, a number of the cheapest flight prices are in mid January with flight prices from 150GBP per person. Combined with low hotel rates, it is possible to tailor make a holiday for just about 220GBP (based on 2 sharing) but this clearly depends on the level of hotel and board basis.

The most expensive times of year are Christmas / New Year, Easter and August so if you are looking for a cheap Red Sea holiday and are flexible with your travelling dates, try to steer clear of these busy times.
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