The Truth About Raw Food Diet and David Wolfe

If you’ve ever heard about the raw food diet, there’s a great chance you’ve also heard about David Wolfe. Over the years, these two names have come to be associated with each other.

What is Raw Food Diet?

As its name implies, the raw food diet is an eating pattern that focuses on organic, all-natural, and raw foods. Why raw? Well, the basis of this system is the fact that raw foods are more nutritious and more beneficial to a person’s health. Compared to cooked foods, which lose their nutrient contents during the preparation and the cooking process, raw foods preserve their original nutrients and are therefore more nutritious.

Aside from their rich nutrients, raw foods also give a lot of benefits to the body. Among these are as follows:

• They can cure a wide variety of diseases, from simple ones like flu to more serious illnesses like urinary tract infection.
• They lower blood pressure and they improve the body’s alkaline level.
• They improve and strengthen various systems in the body. They help the immune system, for instance, to build more cells.
• They purify and detoxify the body, causing overall health benefits-physically, emotionally, and mentally.
• They focus on overall well-being and give benefits like a younger look, improved mood, and great skin (not to say that they are helpful for losing weight, but not limited to that).

Although raw food diet covers a wide variety of raw foods, its main focus are plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables. David Wolfe also advocates the consumption of these foods more than of meat and fish.

Who is David Wolfe?

David Wolfe is one of the leading proponents of the rawfood diet system. A son of two doctors, Wolfe has been exposed to the issue of health and the importance of diet ever since he was a child. Even before he became a known advocate of the rawfood diet, he had been living the said lifestyle for many years. And since he started his campaign for raw foods, he has already written and published several books about the topic.

Among his books are the following:

• Eating for Beauty
• Naked Chocolate
• The Sunfood Diet Success System
• Amazing Grace

All these books discuss the benefits of raw foods in a person’s health. His eating philosophy has already been adopted by a lot of people, including Hollywood personalities like Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, and Uma Thurman.

Wolfe has also founded a company that distributes and markets healthy raw superfoods. Sunfood Nutrition was founded in 1995 and it has been one of the leading sources of raw foods since then. Among its products are organic cacao, goji berries, cashews, essential oils, and coconut oil or butter.

Other than this company, David Wolfe also founded the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to plant 18 billion fruit trees around the world. He also conducts various health lectures and retreats, and is one of the most sought-after speakers on nutrition. The raw food diet that Wolfe has introduced is helping a lot of people conduct positive changes in their lifestyle.