The Unseen Police

Nothing polices someone better than a well guided and God fearing conscience. Come to think of it, if only we all could be a little bit conscience conscious in the things we do, this world would have been a big place filled with so much love and peace.

Do you think the NYPD or the FBI can police and arrest the evil deeds that live and later manifest in an individual, or is the UN (United Nations) a good enough police to monitor and follow the intentions in the hearts of world leaders?

The best and most effective police we all need in life is our conscience, that is the only police that arrest an intention before it matures into an act.

It arrests and detains a thought before it transforms to an action; it is the only police that have the power to change an evil plan to a good one.

Let the inner voice inside you and i, that disembodied voice , that voice that talks with such soothing tone, that voice that whispers into the heart and soul, the voice that says stop when you are about to start, the voice that says smile when all you want to do is frown, the voice that says give when you don’t want to give.

The voice that tells you to do what seems like the opposite of what you really want to do.

What looks so right and good to you looks so wrong and bad to it.

A voice that if it had a weep or cane, then our body would be filled with marks and cuts, because you and me tend to do what it says we shouldn’t do.

If only our leaders listen to their conscience and not to the selfish and wicked desires of their hearts, then this world would have been void of wars and poverty.

If a man who is about to pick up a gun and shoot someone who just wronged him, if only he could just sit for a split second and listen to that inner voice, maybe there won’t be sorrow and pain on the streets .

If only that father would listen to that soft voice, the voice that says he should stay and not walk out on his family, maybe that girl that ended up with the wrong company would have been saved from a life of drug addiction.

The very thin line between acting and living bad and acting and living good is listening to our consciences, doing what that inner voice says and not doing what our head or body wants badly.

So many things that shouldn’t have happened could have been stopped if only the conscience was good enough police to police you and i.

Is there any human being in life without a conscience and my answer is NO, we all have a conscience but some of us have had our conscience seared with hot iron by ignoring it for to long.

The soft voice has been killed , that is when you see no remorse in the world again, evil is done without an iota of regret, am sorry is a word so big to use, the feelings of compassion is waxing cold, brothers are no more brothers, friends turn against each other, in general love is lost.

I pray we don’t get to that stage, cause that’s a horrible reality

Let our conscience police us where ever we go. Never leave your conscience back at home. Always walk with it, because it pays to do so.