The Voice of Secular India

His columns are a single of the most read ones in the nation. His secular ideals surpass the considering and imagination of any frequent man in the country. The name is Khushwant Singh, an Indo-Anglian novelist, he is greatest known for his robust secularism, humor, and an abiding love for poetry. His comparisons of social and behavioural qualities of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit. Singh has served as editor of several literary and news magazines, as nicely as two broadsheet newspapers. He is a recipient of the Padma Vibhushan the second highest civilian award in India. Listing beneath some of Singh’s most common books.

Delhi: A Novel

A solution of 25 years of libidinal excursions into literature, Singh interprets the history of Delhi in a rather candid way. Only a master of history mixed with language can write such an erudite thesis on the expulsion of wind from the nether orifices. The weaving of the previous and the present with a characteristic Khushwant-style bawdy humour can be appreciated really only by the denizens of Delhi who have grown up reading his novels, articles and jokes. Only true Khushwant Singh fans can appreciate the untying of the Pyjama Cord of History that he has attempted in this novel.

The Train to Pakistan

One of the most advisable books on the India Pakistan partition episode, The Train to Pakistan is a journey across lands and cultures dividing a country that after lived in peace and harmony. To get some insight on the folks behind the muslim-sikh-hindu troubles in India and Pakistan, this is a have to-read. It is a brilliant story told in a way that provides the reader an excellent insight on the human aspect throughout the time of the separation and liberation of India and Pakistan. A stranger, a non-religious muslim who has spent most of his life in England and a modern day thinker comes to a little village on what was to be the border amongst Pakistan and India. Sikhs and muslims live in peace but as the world around them begins to crumble hell soon breaks loose. In the centre of it all is a young couple from various religions whose fate with each other is made not possible from this sudden outburst of sectarianism on each sides.

With Malice towards One and All

No, it’s not a book. The most read column, With Malice towards 1 and All was the weekly column series published by Khushwant Singh in a top English daily of India occupying two complete length columns on the editorial page of the Saturday edition. His comparisons of social and behavioural characteristics of westerners and Indians, laced with his inimitable wit, was the punch line of this hugely well-liked series.