The Way to Holy Shrines and Revive Your Faith

The reason make folks move towards a society which is more inclined to technology than spiritualism is the advanced technology and avant-garde gadgets. However, these two facets are not necessarily conflicting in nature because one will never go up against the other. Technology laced gadgets and the World Wide Web make people lose their faith and belief in the almighty after divulging by finding themselves more away from religious conviction than they were ever. Bringing back the faith and belief we once had on the almighty is impossible because this is an altogether nonconstructive and off-putting stride as more and more people are following the gait. But if we use technology for the purpose of igniting spiritual fires in men, this particular situation can be reverse.


We are slowly forgetting the significance of religious shrines as places of adventure; shopping, fun and honeymoon are fast replacing them. When we should be teaching our children about the temple of Artemis and the Notre Dame Cathedral; we actually are tutoring our kids on the new Spider-man movie. It is really depressing and gloomy.


If you do not know about Our Lady of Banneux, it’s not your fault; as you never have worried about finding out what it was. Let me throw some light. In around 1933, a lady named Mariette Beco living in Banneux (in the country of Belgium) reported that she had mystic visions of Virgin Mary at least eight times, wherein she was showed the spring of healing. Similarly Temple of Artemis is dedicated to Greek Goddess Artemis and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Like Our Lady of Banneux, there is Our Lady of Paris and is known as Notre Dame Cathedral; it was among the very few buildings to use the flying buttress or the arched exterior support. All these are meaningless facts if you do not perceive the inner meaning of this article. This article is a ringing bell for those who are losing the light of life in the form of belief. For starters you can always plan your vacations to holy shrines such as the Temple of Artemis or the Notre Dame Cathedral. This will make sure that you visit new places along with taking firm steps towards strengthening your faith and belief in the almighty.


In these milieus, taking assistance of the World Wide Web is pretty imperative as it is a place wherein you will find apt resources which will guide you as to how to go about planning a vacation to religious shrines. You can also contact your tour and travels guide and ask if he/ she plan pilgrimage tours or spiritual tours to different places. If the answer is a yes, then you should readily avail these services and revive the lost spiritualism in you. If you are planning a trip to Europe, do not miss the opportunity to visit places of utter significance such as the Temple of Artemis or the Notre Dame Cathedral. These places will be of great interest and will remain as pleasant memories in your mind through out your life.


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