The World’s Most Economical Facelift

Wrinkles and lines in your face are caused by your facial muscles relaxing and going lax with age. While all surgery and medical operations to fix this carry risks, there are extremely simple things one can do to remedy this common symptom of aging. Practicing regular facial exercises is indeed one of the most budget face treatments available and presents zero risks to any who practice them.

A common myth is that facial exercises cause wrinkles and actually do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, but this is a popular misconception. The key to making sure this does not happen to you is to make sure you are doing the proper exercises, and that you are doing them correctly. A simple Google search will unearth you a practical treasure chest of step by step guides and instructions to proper facial exercises.

While it is true that practicing facial exercises will not have as dramatic effect as facial surgery, any operation involving anesthesia presents risks to the patient, and tragedies have been known to occour from very simple procedures. This is where we derive the benefit of these all natural exercises, they are 100 percent natural, a way to maintain your body with the power of nature. And like all the best things in life, it’s also 100 percent free!

While these exercises are powerful tools, their power comes from consistency. To achieve results from facial exercises they must be practiced regularly and faithfully. There are many different kinds of facial exercises for all parts of your face and all the different common kinds of wrinkles, but a good general overall is to be gentle and moderate in your motions, as any kind of rigorous motion over time will only speed up the aging effects.

Facial exercises are not only effective for reducing wrinkles and sagging of facial skin, but can also make the skin itself look healthier, as the exercises promote facial muscle health which in turn actually contributes to skin health. Not only that, but they can help with skin tone, as healthier muscles allow for more blood circulation and nutrition for your skin.

A wrinkle is formed when facial muscle, which is attached at one end to bone and one end to skin contracts, and this causes the skin to be pulled down into a groove. Botox, a common solution for wrinkles, works on this principle in that it paralyzes these facial muscles so they can’t contract and show these grooves well. Repeated Botox use completly paralyzes these muscles, appearing to actually correct the problem, when in reality the wrinkle is still there, just forever frozen since the muscle itself doesn’t respond anymore. Facial exercises are excellent alternatives, the gradual and progressive toning of facial muscles can completely eradicate wrinkles in a healthy way, where your face will still work!

There is much misinformation, including testimonials from disbelievers of facial exercises, claiming that they have seen with their own eyes that facial exercises make wrinkles worse. There is however, a perfectly reasonable and logical explanation. As facial muscle develops, the wrinkle will widen out and flatten out, often appearing to grow in size, until the muscle develops further and the wrinkle disappears. The key is to not get discouraged and keep at it, and soon enough you will see results from the world’s most effective skin product: your body!

Facial exercises can alleviate many common wrinkles, including crow’s feet, shorten your jowls, tighten your chin, and a host of other things that various companies selling expensive products promise to do from a slew of constant tv commercials. Exercising your facial muscles literally reaffirms your skin’s grip on your face, and with consistent observance, can make you look years younger.