The World’s Top Luxury Brands

Until today, Lanvin has become the representative of the French high fashion industry, in fashion, perfume, accessories of all aspects of leading the trend. Lanvin never blindly followed the popular, simple and tidy cut and color with a deep skill, brilliant fashion to win the support design. Stylish and elegant exterior design, the perfect mix of two colors, noble and romantic violet Baoshen, all show women in the charming scene.

The world’s top luxury brands – Marc Jacobs Mark – Jacob, with the perfect hand, classic and modern design, conquered celebrities, Hollywood stars, became the love of their hands. Bright shiny purple with gold chain strap Baoshen, filling thousands of style, classic design is Link Check details the style of Marc Jacobs has always been – simple.

British beauty and the beauty of the range of U.S. children are completely different. One big difference is that small white small white British beauty, the U.S. beauty Quheiquhei’s. Britain is a maritime climate, mild and humid, beautiful women who played, all of them white arm white errands; like Los Angeles, Hollywood, sun shines three hundred and fifty days a year, child is immune to find the shade, walk out several times to Honey skin has changed. We Chinese Girl, adhere to “cover a hundred hundred ugly,” the old saying, and whitening products as the firm fans who seem to be more appreciation of British beauty.

Recently, two scrub British beauty, the two well-known brand, design / naming a series of bags, by the majority of fans pack the warm attention. I Cougerenao, discuss it.

Kate Moss, the trend of carrier-class leaders, enduring the It Girl, a French brand Longchamp to design a handbag bag series, called the Kate Moss for Longchamp, the end of this year, has just been listed. Kate Moss is active in the fashion industry over twenty years, no fewer than twenty luxury brand endorsements, the first penned the bag, why pick the Longchamp it? Brand said that this is because the style of Kate Moss and the Longchamp fit. This is of course the one hand, but Kate Moss and the Longchamp close, there is another reason. September 2005, Kate Moss drug scandal broke, Moss was a pile of brand endorsements, including good friend Stella McCartney, have play it safe, make a clean break with it. The Longchamp visionary sense of obligation and the bad times in the beautiful full support of Kate Moss in November announced the spring and summer of 2006 as the brand spokesperson. Kate Moss, after eight consecutive quarters (four years) for the Longchamp endorsement, this time co-operation between the two ninth season. BOLA TANGKAS