The Wrought Iron Railing For Security And Beauty

The wrought iron railing has of course been around for a long time. It is now coming back into fashion thanks to a little gardening company based in Essex, which has been supplying a range of security conscious gate and fencing options for its clients all of which manage to successfully combine beauty and functionality.

One of the problems associated with securing your property has always been the fact that security measures tend to detract from the beauty of your open spaces, or interrupt the views you may have of the world at large. It is a dichotomy. On the one hand you want to be able to see in to the world and appreciate your surroundings. On the other hand, you do not want people to be able to see into your property.

The wrought iron railing has always been an attempt to solve this riddle with varying degrees of success. It is true that a wrought iron gate or fence adds significantly to the security value of your property. It is also true that you can see out into the world very well through wrought iron. On the other hand, wrought iron alone really does not do very much to stop people outside, looking in.

The modern version of the wrought iron fence solution has had a beautiful twist applied to it. The modern wrought iron railing is now available with attractive wooden facing on its outside. That facing accomplishes two very neat tricks. First, it blocks the view of your property, meaning that potential wrongdoers cannot see inside to temptation; and that you feel more secure because you know that a potential wrongdoer cannot see inside. Second: the fence becomes a thing of beauty in its own right, adding something to the overall feel and flavour of your outside spaces. The natural wood combined with the wrought iron railing has a calming effect, almost like the effect you get when you visit a Japanese garden. There is something about the marriage of simple natural materials and man made ones that perfectly defines the boundary of a property which, of course, is technically where man made things stop and the natural world starts again.

The beauty of this new type of wrought iron fence is that you can still see out through it but you cant really see back into it. That is because the wood panelling is on the outside of the fence. Outsiders see only the wood: whereas insiders, who can see the railings behind the wood, actually see more out because their brains have been made aware that there are railings there to see through. It is a simple visual trick and a very effective one. Though the modern wrought iron railing will never be able to deliver an uninterrupted vista of the outside world, it can at least make the outside world and the world of your garden flow together while blocking views of your private spaces from inquisitive onlookers. BOLA TANGKAS