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Theme promotion is not a mystery, Gu noun is themed promotions. Some enterprises theme promotion activities were also good, but unfortunately there is no coherence to its brand positioning, or to get hold of a very far-fetched concept, very hard pushed to do so; either, and their brand positioning, personality has nothing to do. Some companies do promotions theme or topic is not clear, or the theme too much to lose focus.

Topic Marketing Beishou popular brands Present, thematic, or a lot of brand marketing. For example in the telecommunications industry, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China still Wine Brand model? Wuliangye, a famous Chinese liquor brand nutrition?? Jiuqian health wine brand.

Famous Chinese liquor brand nutrition?? Jiuqian health liquor brand sing “aquarium dense wine, health, health” as the theme topic of brand marketing horn. New Year’s Day in 2009 and 2010 before the upcoming Spring Festival, Days of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Group Co., Ltd. and other international funding, and the Sandu Shui Autonomous County of Guizhou jiuqian Liquor Co., Ltd. Joining built jiuqian nutrition wine upgrade?? Jiuqian Brilliant and a series of brand jiuqian blessing jiuqian life, jiuqian Gong, Wang and other members of the Joint jiuqian a brand theme activities actor team members, co-staged with “aquarium dense wine, health, health” as the theme topic of brand marketing series activities.

Jiuqian wine series brand jiuqian Brilliant, jiuqian blessing jiuqian life, jiuqian tribute, jiuqian king, set health core technology transfer Sui dense wine is rich in amino acids, protein, fat, calcium, iron , zinc, vitamins and other nutrients, brownish yellow crystalline Chol, Middle Hong elegant, off the mouth and clean with intestinal taste Yee, Shannon is not brilliant. Cheats seven unique health and effective function of micro-circulatory system to maintain the balance of the body to achieve health care purposes.

Jiuqian unique wine Buzhongyiqi getting a vivid, beauty and yang, yin and kidney, qi and blood make up, mind is the body, prolong life function of the seven health care, nutrition wine won the famous brand in China Honor. Jiuqian Brilliant secret brewing in their original aquarium technology, based on the quality of the wine to enhance jiuqian, to the traditional health care to further enhance and consolidate more incisively interpreted their health culture style.

Jiuqian wine series brand jiuqian Brilliant, jiuqian blessing jiuqian life, jiuqian tribute, co-staged jiuqian Wang brand theme activities to “aquarium dense wine, health, health” as the theme, targeted groups groups, with today’s southern Guangxi Journal of Business Science and Network today, days, etc. Jiao Food Network, Guangxi network, Guangxi Medicine Network and group official website and other media, gravity attack, sing the “aquarium secret brewing, health regimen,” the theme of marketing the brand jiuqian horn to achieve the brand’s leap jiuqian rapidly raise brand awareness, brand health to jiuqian health concept accepted by the people realize the health regimen jiuqian brand concept and consumer mind integration, brand awareness and help to identify the effects of purchase.

The same time, marketing to achieve Group buy Gift The overall layout of marketing channels, marketing channels to open channels. In order to maintain high-end brand image, brand, theme jiuqian marketing activities marketing model is not an option price cuts, choosing instead to “aquarium secret brewing, health health” as the theme topic of brand marketing, the purpose is to establish long-term brand jiuqian trend create a good atmosphere hungry brand image.

Theme through this series of brand marketing campaign, the brand will make the brand jiuqian rapid promotion and Sell Advance.

China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, the three operators are based on the 3G business, to carry out the theme of their marketing. Three giants are from the brand to expand the basic theme of their marketing.

3G refers to third generation mobile Communicate Technology, 3G wireless communications is to communicate with the Internet, combined with a new generation of multimedia mobile communications system, can provide, including video telephony, wireless Internet, mobile Internet, mobile phones TV , Mobile music and other information services. BOLA TANGKAS