There Are Weight Losing Methods That Work – Even For You

Learn The Best Weight Losing Methods

I have been fighting with my weight for years now. I think I have have tried all the weight losing methods available – or so I thought. I was going back and forth with trying to lose weight and giving up thinking I would always be fat. I was so disappointed with myself, felt like I was ugly and that I was a loser. If I could only find weight losing methods that work. Problem was I was thinking about it all wrong. I thought there was something out there that would magically make me thin. There is not, what I found is that the best weight losing methods are the tried and true, eating healthy and moderate exercise. OK that’s great, what’s that mean, how do I do it?

The weight losing methods I discovered have been around forever. What I needed to do was re-learn everything about how I ate and when I ate. I needed to learn what sensible exercise meant. See I would binge exercise as much as I would binge eat; in fact the two were tied together. It was a vicious circle that kept me fat.

Weight Losing Methods That Work

So what do I do, first of all I learned what the difference between good fat and bad fat is and how much of the good I should have in my diet. Then It was the discovery of what foods do what for me and again what were the proper portions of each. Next, and this is a big, I learned to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones (with snacks of course). Ok the exercise – exercise is important but not as much as I used to think. Instead of killing myself at the gym like I used to, I exercise 4 times a week for 1 hour at a time. Walking for an hour, done on a regular basis, coupled with eating right (right foods right amounts) will drop the pounds off anyone!

Yes I was looking for the best weight losing methods but no longer – I had the desire, made the commitment, did these simple things and I lost over 45 pounds in just a little over 3 months. The thing is if a basically lazy fat guy like me can do it – you can do it to.