There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Install Passive Solar Hot Water Systems

A recent article reported that solar panels can be used to save energy needed for electric cars. Apparently, the use of passive solar hot water panels not only heat the water but also stores energy and can be used as a “filling station” for recharging electric cars. The title of the piece made some reference to Chevron hating it. My husband responded that if Chevron hates it, it can not be all bad. You may be feeling that way about your power company as well.

There has been a surge of interest in utilizing passive solar hot water heaters. The process refers to the fact that rather than depending on an external power source such as electricity, it uses the sun as the power source. There are many articles and blogs on the Internet describing how to build your own passive solar system.

Some benefits are: the solar power system is more dependable, reliable and is independent of any external power as well as it costs less per unit of heat. Experts figure that fifty to eighty percent of your hot water needs are met with the solar system, and it will work even in the event of a power failure. This may be of more benefit in the rural areas, although it appears there has been an increase in urban areas. There is documentation abut the ease of installation, and they have been estimated to pay for themselves in three to five years. Overall, this indicates a better Return Of Investment, and we can not say that very often these days!

For best results, these considerations and suggestions should be followed, or at least you should know about them. Place the passive solar hot water system in a place with maximum solar exposure. Try to make both the collector and storage tanks as efficient as possible. Make sure the system will retain heat. The size of the system should be be the size appropriate for your needs. Your system should be efficient and freeze resistant. And lastly, make sure your system is built to last.

If you have made the emotional and intellectual commitment to install a passive solar hot water system, as well as a financial investment, you will want to be sure it provides you the best service and you are free of any worries concerning it. Good luck and enjoy your step into the future!