There’s No Need To Roam Far When Looking For The Most Reliable Rome Parcel Delivery

Aspiring to get a business known in Rome needs a great deal of backing which can be depended upon, which includes courier and parcel delivery services. One of the oldest cities in the world, its influence lives on today, albeit in different ways. While it was once widely known in Latin as Caput Mundi or capital of the world, that status may have been lost, but it is still nonetheless a major focus for people and businesses from around the globe.

It now ranks as the worlds 35th richest city, while its attraction for visitors, due to the many architectural and artistic treasures to be found here, remains undimmed, and it is the worlds 11th most visited city the third largest tourist destination in Europe.

Today it is assuming an important role as a major business centre within Europe. Between 2002 and 2009 its population grew by 6.5 per cent, to reach 2.74million, with tourism playing a prominent role in that growth, but high-tech industries such as aerospace, telecommunications and defence also becoming big contributors to the citys economy.

National energy company Enel, gas and oil company Eni (formerly known as Agip), and Telecom Italia, all listed among the worlds 100 biggest companies, are based in Rome.

Sending a parcel to Rome, be it an important business consignment, or a package sent as a gift to a relative or friend, can be done quickly thanks to the citys excellent transport network. Fiumicino International Airport is the citys main international gateway, while two main rail termini are served by extensive regional and high-speed national and international services.

Rome is a massive media centre for the whole of Italy, and the base for its most prestigious newspapers and television and radio stations.

Getting a foothold in the vital Roman market, serving not just the city but an outlying area with a population totalling 3.7million, has been a key to success for many businesses around the world. A presence in a city which is held in such high esteem culturally and historically can give a business a great deal of cachet, which it can then carry around the world.

Achieving that is made far easier with the help of delivery companies which know the city, and can provide a direct link to what is still regarded as one of the worlds premier cities. BOLA TANGKAS