Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging technology actually refers to the means by which we can see the images on a video footage as infrared. It is in the infrared spectrum that we are able to see the heat that comes off our bodies. Basically everything somehow gives off a certain level of thermal radiation that is why we can see images on a thermal camera.

Thermal imaging technology is actually being used in airport terminals especially in monitoring if a certain passenger has fever or not. It is very important that airport terminals monitor their passengers because high fever is a sign of most common types of serious illnesses such as the AH1N1 virus.

In thermal imaging technology, the main tool is a thermo graphic camera. There are a lot of fields wherein we can use thermal imaging technology and one of which is studying on how animals are producing heat.

We can also use thermal imaging technology in monitoring places or surveillance especially during the night. Since it is nearly impossible for us to see images in a dark places, all we just need to do is to use thermal imaging technology so that we may still be able to see images even if it is hard for our naked eyes to see things in dark places.

The image that we can see with Thermal Imaging technology is not the usual thing that we see on normal video footages wherein it is in full color. There are only several colors that we see on thermal images and they are white, black, and purple. Basically, the hotter the object the whiter its image will also become. With this, objects that are cold are shown as by either purple or black images. The reason on why we see different colors with thermal imaging technology is for us to easily interpret what is being shown on the images.