They met with the “inhibition” liquor industry was a “second injury”

Ministry of Public Security held on the 19th, came news of relevant meetings, Ministry of Public Security decided to end scheduled for Oct. 15 to rectify the special action continuation of drink driving to the end of December, and to ensure that the fight against drunk driving job to become the norm. Insiders point out that this is no doubt re-read the white hair “magic spell”, so this has been the impact of liquor Sell More headaches, white wine waiting for the peak season during the year little hope of recovery.

Wuliangye Guangzhou sales decreased by 1 / 3
2009 years so unforgettable year liquor industry. Survive the economic crisis in the first round after the impact, liquor no time to breathe, first because Liquor Consumption Tax Adjustment, missed catch the wind of economic rebound, and immediately after that he was a national drink-driving special action, regulation of “secondary damage.”

Various liquor companies can only spend the winter this year, betting on the last note in Mid-Autumn Festival Double the National Day. However, in a series of non-controllable factors, the “Double” is far from the anticipated sales boom. Operates more than a dozen Alcohol Store of Mr. Lee for the first time facial expression, “did not end profits high, but the decline this year than expected.” According to their description, there is a wave of selling before the National Day of small height, into the National Day is almost on “how not to sell” high-end liquor down more than 10%. Guangzhou Baiyun District

alcohol monopoly Industry Association, Jun-Tao Zhang Jianwei, Chairman alcohol chain told reporters, according to his understanding of the situation, the entire South China’s liquor sales “very dangerous” decline in sales this year have been is an indisputable fact. By Jun Tao alcohol, for example, store sales decline was more pronounced Wuliangye, since from the September incident, Wuliangye sales decreased by about another 1 / 3, the incident under investigation had a significant effect on its. “Our sales of specialty stores can be a barometer of the industry, very representative.”

Liquor recovery time and so the peak season?
Early as two months ago, the liquor industry to look forward to National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival’s “Double” for the liquor industry “boost”, but also predicted liquor industry will rebound, but the terminal from the securities company and market information clearly to poured cold water on this statement. Today, the drunk driving crackdown operations will be postponed to the end of the year waiting for season even more liquor little hope of recovery.

A white business people in low-key interview, said: “Strike Hard drinking and driving from the current view of the entire industry is causing a certain effect, but liquor consumption is the trend of warming, we are full of confidence.”

Analysis, according to Zhang Jianwei, the main advantage of the current liquor sales channels or imminent drink market, and this one is the drunk driving crackdown is precisely the focus of anti-crime campaign will no doubt direct delayed extension of the terminal consumption of liquor recovery time. What’s more, it is Wine The continued erosion of the liquor market, date, total sales of wine this year has increased by 10 over last year a few percentage points, “a considerable part of the diversion from the liquor consumption.”

Liquor industry veteran Marketing Experts iron plow that the financial crisis began last year, big economic impact on high-end liquor is better this year, but also by Yahuo enterprise, limited to cover the impact of the crisis, the end of the year, basic end inventory digestion, “It should be said, next year is the most difficult time for high-end spirits.”

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