Thin People DO Think Differently

Do thin people think in a different way than you and me? Have you ever wondered if thin people tend to exhibit different behavior towards food?

From personal experience I can attest that thin people definitely do think differently then the rest of us. This knowledge can help children and those of us who struggle with food and emotions.

When I was growing up I was average in weight. But something happened. When I was around 12, I recall feeling pudgy and overweight. I would only wear a one piece bathing suit. I became very self-conscious. Looking back, I wasn’t overweight, but somehow the thought that I was heavy kicked in.

Was this because my mother had issues about food and eating and I was exposed to these early on? Was it because I played with Barbie dolls? I was only 12. I have no idea why I felt this way.

When I was 18, back in 1973, I recall my father saying “You need to lose 5 pounds”. I felt crushed. I didn’t feel heavy. But I was upset when he said this to me. I immediately signed up at the local Weight Watchers. I was 5 ft. 2 inches and weighed 124 pounds. Was I overweight? No. But I FELT overweight. I FELT that I had a problem with food.

Consequently, over the years my belief that I had a problem with food turned into a reality.

While I was a cigarette smoker I kept my weight under control. I used to smoke whenever I felt bad, sad, frustrated, lonely, depressed, angry….name a negative emotion and I smoked in response.

Unfortunately when I quit smoking I didn’t know the benefits of replacing the habit of smoking with another habit – a healthy habit such as drinking water. So when I quit I didn’t have any way to handle my emotions. So I did what many people do. I ate.

(As a Certified Hypnotist I now make sure that every client who want to quit smoking has a healthy habit to replace the old unhealthy one of smoking in order to avoid my experience.)

Fast forward many years and I am now a mother of two teenagers. I have been very careful to do my best to make sure that I don’t pass along food issues to my children. When they were upset, I made sure to help them feel better without using food. I never said “Here, sweetie, have a cookie, you’ll feel better”. I made sure that finishing everything on their plate wasn’t important. If they didn’t feel hungry, they didn’t have to eat.

So how do my children think and act differently towards food?

When my daughter is dealing with stress and other negative emotions she finds healthy ways to handle these emotions. She doesn’t run to the refrigerator. She doesn’t smoke or drink. She’ll call friends or work things out for herself.

She even keeps an ongoing journal and has since 4th grade. What a great way to release negative emotions.

My daughter frequently will pass up dessert. “I’m full. Mom. Maybe later”, is something I hear frequently.
(Those of us who have issues with food rarely pass on a dessert.)

Thin people do think differently about food. They find other ways to handle negative emotions and don’t use food as a way to make themselves feel better