Things About Acne That Are Not True

Acne is a skin problem that affects a lot of people. To treat acne, fortunately there are a lot of products available now, like argan oil acne for natural treatment. But, regardless of the various resources available in treating and knowing something about this skin trouble, many people continue to be victim to several acne myths. These are among the ones that are most familiar:

food like chocolate, French fries and pizza result in acne

The idea that food like chocolate, French fries or pizza causes acne may be due to the fact that teenagers love these food and that teenagers, in turn, are more prone to acne breakouts. Some people make think that there’s a connection between getting acne and eating these kinds of foods. While it is important to maintain a healthy diet and not always eat greasy or fried foods, acne is not caused by what you eat.

Acne does not come from not cleaning the face enough

As a part of a healthy rgimen washing one’s face is essential but it does not mean that you have acne you have to wash your face more often to clear its blemishes. Washing with a two times a day with soap should be good enough. You will only end up drying the skin and even irritating it, if you over-wash your face. In addition, washing too much could spread bacteria to other parts of your face, thereby causing additional blemishes. Do not over use strong cleaners with abrasives on your skin too frequently. If your face gets greasy in the middle of the day, you can use oil blotting sheets rather than washing it.

Teenagers are the only ones who have acne

Teenager’s skin is acne prone but that does not mean that teenagers are the only ones to suffer from it. In fact, acne can affect young adults and even adults. Adult acne is a common problem, but it can still be treated with the right medications and skin treatments. If you suffer from severe adult acne, you might want to seek advice from a dermatologist.

There is no cure for acne

It’s easy to get discouraged when an acne sufferer has tried a number of regimens without success. Acne is a treatable and easily solved skin issue that plagues many people. The main thing is to get the correct formulas for your skin. Something that works for your friends may not work for your particular skin-type. If OTC skin treatments haven’t given you the relief that you are looking for you should seek expert help from a dermatologist.

Acne can be cured by exposing the skin to the sun

Sun exposure is not a cure for acne. Although a nice tan will look good, it does not remove underlying skin problems. Actually, your skin can be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. It can dry and irritate your skin and cause sunburns and redness. Skin cancer and early aging is a risk of too much sun. Sunscreen, with the proper SPF rating, should always be used to protect skin from the sun.

To help you to take better care of your skin, be aware of the different myths about acnes, this will give you better knowledge of effective treatment to solve this skin problem. BOLA TANGKAS