Things to Do and Eat in Liege, Belgium

Do you like waffles? Well that’s one reason to go to Liege. Nearly all street stands and bakers offer the famous Liege waffle. But there are just a few other reasons to visit Liege. This city has an interesting history, and many remnants of it still exist. Liege is currently reinventing itself as a modern manufacturing and logistical centre. With a population of 194,000 as of May 2009, the city is located on the river Meuse in eastern Belgium, quite close to the Netherlands and Germany.

Liege was once one of the premier steelmaking and gunsmithing centers in Europe. The city suffered when the coal mining and steelmaking industries made a sharp decline, however the city has made a nice comeback and is still an important and productive manufacturing center.

Liege is abundant with many examples of architectural styles throughout the ages, starting with the 13th century Le perron, a structure in the historical Market Square where justice was once dispensed. The 16th century Palace of the Prince-Bishops of Liege is quite a sight, and the Cathedral of St. Paul with its treasury on display inside is worth seeing. In fact, Liege has been called “city of 100 Spires” for its many interesting churches from various historical periods. If you think you can make it, take a walk up the 400 step stairway “Montagne de Bueren” leading from Hors-Chateau to the Citadel.

Liege is known most of all for its lively quality of life. There is a huge open market along the river called La Batte which is the place to go on Sunday. There are numerous festivals, in particular the 15 August folk festival when the medieval quarter, called Outre-Meuse comes to life with all forms of merriment.

Liege is also known for its abundant nightlife. There is an area in the pedestrian zone called Le Carre that features many lively pubs which are known for remaining open until the last customer stumbles out, usually after daybreak.

If you plan on visiting Liege, tried to shoot for the 15 August festival, but if you can’t, just be sure to be there on a Sunday to experience the market.