Things to See and Do in Athens

Athens is a city steeped in history. Many see it as the birthplace of civilization as we know it. Certainly it was the birthplace of democracy. Athens was the leading light in ancient Greece and was run on one of the purest democracies the world as ever known.

And, as you would expect in such a historical city, there is much to see and do in Athens. There are sights aplenty; activities abound, so much so you could easily get lost trying to work out what to do next. Instead allow us to suggest things for you.
The unmissable sites of Athens

Acropolis of Athens

First up is the world famous and historically important ‘Acropolis of Athens’. This ancient monument was a symbol of the wealth and power that Athens could wield. Made rich by the strength of its navy many riches were spent in beautifying the city – and this astounding Acropolis is one the best examples. The marbled sculptures of the Ancient Greek Parthenon, found high on the Acropolis itself, are a sight that should not be missed.

The New Acropolis Museum

This giant museum has only just opened its doors to the public, and is doing so to wide acclaim. Able to not just view the Acropolis of Athens from its viewing balcony, the museum also plays host to a wide selection of ancient treasures found around the region of Athens.

Panathinaiko Stadio

Think Athens and Olympics and you may well think of the fantastic games of 2004 that were hosted there but Athens was also the birth place of the modern Olympics (much like it also helped birth the ancient version).

Athens hosted the first ever modern Olympics in 1896 and it was this purpose built stadium that did it. In 2004 it also played host to the fencing and the end of the marathon.

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The night life

Of course not everything in Athens is about history. It is a very vibrant and modern city, developing and growing all the time. One of the biggest attractions to many people is the night life that Athens is able to ensure.

Athens plays host to a wide variety of clubs, pubs, bars and theatres. So no matter whether you are looking for traditional Greek cuisine or something even more exotic again, Athens is sure to have what you are looking for.