Think and Grow Rich – The Classic by Napoleon Hill

I have personally been on a road to personal discovery the greater part of the 2nd half of my adult life. I think anyone picking up a self help book is usually at a point where they know that the normal attitude of the average person on the street is not where it’s at. Over the last 20 years I have slowly been able to change the way I think, thus changing my results.

I picked up this old age classic from my book shelf of self help books only a month ago. I dusted it of and began to read the pages which had yellowed over the time. For I had purchased this book almost 15 years ago and had only read the first chapter before moving on to other books, as apparently at that time I was unable to assimilate with the author.

How 15 years changes your outlook

Picking this old age classic up after 15 years of collecting dust I started to get an excited feeling all over my body as I read page by page realizing that certainty of the content within. For I have read some 30 odd self help books, some many times over, listened to hundreds of recordings and purchased many programs over the last 20 years. So when I started to read this classic I realized I had one of the best examples of Thinking and Growing Rich all this time, and it was only inches away from my hands, sitting behind my office desk.

This book is not so much a how to, but a how not. You can do some of the mind searching activities that the author suggests, or not, the choice is yours. No-one can make you, only you can decide if the time is right to change your life.

Anyone who is into new age concepts such as “The Law of Attraction”, will instantly acknowledge that here is a person who many years before this new wave of modern thinking had already pin pointed how to attract what we want. What you think about and what you receive are in direct proportion. Napoleon Hill realized this after spending a life time of research and interviewing some of the most powerful men in History.

Napoleon Hill did not speak from his own thoughts; the book does not consist primarily of his own opinions. This book was created from almost 30 years of notes from interviews and research with men such as, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, John D Rockefeller, Charles M Schwab and a host of others, all men who have been at the forefront of our history pages.

The old age classic is Alive and Well

There are thousands of books in the self help range which have been written as more or less rewrites of this old classic. I am not knocking the many books that I have read, or the many thousands of authors who write them. Every writer and creator has something unique to offer, which is why I keep devouring such information.

If you want a place to start or are already on your journey of discovery, I suggest you pick up this classic and you will see truth in almost every page. You may decide to take it one step further as I have and purchase this on audio format. I loved the read, but I also love that I can play and replay and re-listen to this book over and over as I work away. Napoleon Hill was truly a forward thinker and a creator of life, many years ahead of his time.