Thinkpad Docking Stations

A ThinkPad docking station turns a Thinkpad computer into a desktop machine. The docking station allows for the addition of video and sound cards and additional drives for more versatility. With a docking station, you can add a keyboard, mouse, monitor and many other devices to make working on your laptop easier.

There are many models of the ThinkPad which have their own docking station available.

How to Use a Thinkpad Docking Station

1. Add any desired video/audio cards, such as sound cards or video cards, to the docking station. When purchasing a docking station you should receive an instruction book for your make and model, if not contact the suppliers or they can be usually downloaded from a main website.

Check your make and model in a Google search to find your manual. Most suppliers should offer a helpline advice to help you install this equipment and it is highly recommended you note any contact details for more help on installation.

2. Attach any peripherals you want to use to the appropriate ports on the docking station. This can include a full-size monitor, a full-size keyboard, a mouse or any hard drive for storage plus many other options depending on your use for your computer and its capabilities.

3. Position the port replicator over the docking station and slide it into place until you can hear it lock.

4. Position your laptop onto the port replicator, ensuring it locks into place.

5. Attach the power cord to the docking station and plug the unit into an outlet.

6. Turn on your laptop. Wait for the machine to boot up and install any drivers needed to access the peripherals and cards you added to the docking station.(These plug and play devices should automatically start installing but enure that you have the setup disks or drivers avaialble for each of these added items)

7 Reboot if prompted. You laptop will now function like a desktop. When you need the portability of the laptop, press the button to unlock it from the port replicator.

(TIP: Once the docking station or port replicator are in place they are not meant to be treated as a portable item) The intension for these connections is to allow the use of the equipment in a single location.

You should now be ready to go. BOLA TANGKAS