This Could be the Best Home Remedy for Cold Sores

Cold sores are also called as the fever blisters. When the herpes simplex viruses attacks the body blisters or cold sores shows there presence. These viruses may attack the body in childhood or during encounter with infected persons. Often virus lay in the body in a dormant stage. Some times cold sores may come on genital organs and near finger areas. Once the viruses attack the body, it becomes a hard task to flush them out of the body. Therefore, we cannot remove them totally but we can shield our body from infection or reactivation.

To reduce or decrease the reactivation or infections try to avoid the triggering of the blisters. To reduce the pains of the cold sores apply ice on the blisters for about five to ten minutes for each hour. This remedy will be more effective when applied for the upcoming blisters as ice prevents the further growth of the cold sores. Another way to prevent the further growth of the cold sore is the application of tannic acid. Tea bags contains adequate amount of the tannic acid and this will stop the further growth of the cold sores. To reduce the growths apply a tea bag for about five to ten minutes each hour at the beginning of the sores.

If cold sores already out braked then press a warm tea bag on the cold sore for about 20 to 30 minutes. Continuous application for five days helps in disappearance of the sores. Along with the external application, one has to concentrate on daily diet. To keep check on the cold sores infected peoples have to avoid acidic and salty food. These foods will increase the paining of the blisters.

High intake of arginine food like peanuts, chocolates, peas, grains, oatmeal, seeds and whole-wheat products should be avoided. Along with this high intake of coffee also affects the cold sores. Regular diet need to be supplemented with vitamins and nutrition’s. Particularly vitamin B complex and folic acid are helpful to reduce the paining of the cold sores. These certain remedies are helpful to reduce the pain of cold sores but you can follow certain things that will prevent you from reactivation of the blisters.

To avoid the contamination or infection the infected person must not share there cups, towels, and other things and cosmetic with the normal person. Skin to skin touch also spreads the infection and therefore kissing or sex should be avoided. Long exposure in the sunlight increases the pains and infection of the cold sores therefore while going outside person has to apply sunscreen lotion to body particularly to the lips, as they are the delicate as well as sensitive part of the body.

Some small things are important to shield the body from viruses. After an attack, you need to replace the toothbrush.