This Diet Will Save Your Life

Toting around a lot of extra weight is much more than a cosmetic issue. It is a health issue.

So many people in the USA–and, to a lesser extent, the other Westernized countries–go from diet to diet, looking for the easiest way to lose ten pounds or even fifty, but they never stick with a diet long enough to get the deeper health benefits.

Then, starved for their favorite foods, they go right back to eating the foods that made them fat in the first place!

They put the weight they lost back on…and then some.

That’s no way to lose weight. It is unnatural to eat nothing but grapefruit or plain popcorn, milkshakes, or tiny frozen dinners, meal after meal.

There is a way to lose weight permanently and, at the same time, experience the best health of your life. It’s simple:

You just eat like three-fourths of the world eats

The Western world’s diet is the “odd man out”, the newcomer on the block–only a few hundred years old. It is a totally unnatural and unhealthy invention made possible by the wealth of the richest nation in the world. It is a profit-motivated anomaly. It was not created to improve our health, but to make those who sell it wealthy.

The majority of the people in the world eat a simple diet that has been developed over ten thousand or more years. This “world diet” has passed the test of time, with few of the diet-related maladies associated with the Western societies’ diet.

Most of the world lives on a plant-based diet. They only rarely eat meat, fish, eggs, or milk and cheese, if at all. They do fine, so long as they get enough calories in a varied vegetarian diet.

These animal foods are why Americans have the weight and the cholesterol problems they do. These problems are not found in nations that eat predominantly plant-based diets.

Not only are the rural Chinese, Vietnamese, South Americans, and Africans thin, but in areas that eat the least animal protein and fat, there is no heart disease. Did you get that? Heart attacks are the result of what we eat, same as obesity.

Thousands of medical research studies have shown that cholesterol and animal fat are what clogs our arteries, causing heart disease. This is not news. The reason you haven’t heard the message clearly is that the meat, dairy, and egg producers are a powerful industry that don’t want you to stop eating their products.

Nevertheless, the truth is available in a myth-shattering book, published in 2007

The people of the undeveloped nations have no heart attacks or other cardiovascular disease when they eat a simple, vegetarian diet. And they can work circles around the big, beef-fed Westerners! So who has the better diet?

So, let me ask you a question: How badly do you want to lose weight? Are you serious or just kidding yourself? Are you willing to do what it takes to be thin again and heart-attack-proof?

If you have truly “had it” with flab–and you wouldn’t mind being free from having to worry about heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, some cancers, and a whole raft of other diseases of overfed people, then there are lots of delicious recipes and a clear explanation of how you can do it in the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. MD.

The doctor has pictorial proof in the book, showing the amazing improvements in the arteries of those he has treated with his low-low-low fat diet. All of his seriously ill patients who stayed with his program have cleaned out their blood vessels and become asymptomatic with the help of Dr. Esselstyn’s diet.

This is the way to reverse both obesity AND heart disease, according to Dr. Esselstyn. It’s here, if you want it badly enough to give up the foods that are slowly killing you. Is that a hard choice?

It works. Read the book and see for yourself. Then decide.