Thor Amboinensis – The Smallest Ornamental Shrimp In The Sector

One of the smallest ornamental shrimps, the sex shrimp is a mainstay of the saltwater aquarium hobby. Referred to as the attractive shrimp due to the fact of the way its physique moves as although it is relentlessly dancing. In their usual habitats they are more habitually than not discovered hosting an anemone.

They can be housed in the smallest tanks due to their size. Anticipate completely matured adults to attain no much more than half an inch in length. They hail from the Indo Pacific and are normally heavily collected to meet the demands of the trade. They are also rather low-cost as a outcome, producing them really reachable to all saltwater tank enthusiasts.

The fishes you pick as tank mates is critical. They are very easily eaten due their modest size and can be bulllied. Maintaining sexy shrimp with enormous groupers, larger dottybacks, triggerfish and the like is a recipe for disaster. Dwarf angelfish on the other hand hardly ever pose a hazard. The largest angelfish may result in some troubles.

Since they are so tiny, feeding them is exceedingly low-cost. Typically any sort of sinking pellet will do. The high quality of stated pellet is completely up to your judgment. High quality pellets contain New Life Spectrum sinking pellets. Variety is key give them occasional treat of frozen mysis and the like.

Sexy Shrimp are not totally reef secure. Zoanthid corals are to be observed cautiously as these shrimp can consume them. In the wild, attractive shrimp have also been observed consuming their personal anemone host. Feeding them at least once a day will lessen the chances of them becoming coralivores.

The attractive shrimp has been bred in captivity efficiently by hobbyists. There does not seem to be a lot interest from big scale breeders due to the low sale price of the sexy shrimp. The male shrimp is slimmer as nicely as becoming smaller sized than the female. It is thought that males have a solitary white stripe on their abdomen. As nicely as becoming bigger than the male, females also appear rounder around the abdomen location. They have a tendency to have a broken white stripe as opposed to the males.
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