Those Friends Come And Go In Life

In life there are always people coming and going, as we walk the road to those passing through, there is opposite direction with our back, but also with us towards the same direction. Those with us and some of us pass, and some may go some distance with us. But time will not be too long, fork in the road of life too much, in every intersection, our choice will be different.

It is because of friendship, we can feel the warmth between people. Our heart is like a flooded because often feel anxiety and frustration and the heavy glass, and only to those who give us friendship and extended hands, before they are willing in good faith for us to empty the cup, but her comfort and ease. It is because of friendship, we can even feel the human dignity and glory. Our heart is like a very thick very thick book, only those who knocked our hearts the fire of the spirit of friendship, to be willing to open this thick book to read carefully and in good faith commentary.

In this world, except the thought of their loved ones in the interest of anyone outside of our souls, how can our hearts not burning? In addition to relatives outside the thought of anyone concerned about our spiritual world, which could not but make us feel joy and happiness? In addition there is the thought of their loved ones outside of our failures and achievements of people sigh and blessing, which could not but make us feel proud and excited? The roots of friendship in the noble spirit of the plant, not rooted in the vulgar acquisitiveness; friendship is the inspiration for each other along the horn sounded, rather than mutual use of the tool; friendship is a beautiful sentiment for each other, sing songs, rather than inter-trick and boast; friendship is to make friends of each other a mirror of pure conduct, and not for evil to each other to become the accomplices of each other.

Have a friendship, as Castle has a Pentium stream; have a friendship, as sailing with the wind; have a friendship, thirsty travelers with a clear spring; have a friendship, someone at the time of our success bundle through the jealousy of people a bunch of flowers for us in our time of suffering for our failure heal wounds.