Three Steps And Magic Can Be Done On Your Face

A small and cute face has witnessed grand popularity since the advent of entertainment industry, file stars, actresses are trying hard to attract media attention and at his point, a small face is desirable since it enables the celebrities to look fabulous in front of the cameras. How Nice!! baseball bat is Most Dandy for Sister in 2009 However, not everyone is born with a small face in the size of a palm and thinking about the pain you have to go though if you resume to plastic surgery, a large number of people will be discouraged. How to Design Your Seductive ice hockey sticks Everyday While, if you are concerned about this, then I will be delivering you a piece of wonderful information: familiarize yourself with the following three steps and you can see how the magic is done on your face.

First, get yourself some liquid foundation in three different colors and brush the foundation in lightest color on your forehead and nose, and use the foundation of second lightest color on both of your cheeks, then the slightly dark color on the area near your ears. The change of color can magically make your face look smaller and cuter. Second, no matter what kind of face shape you have, there is a way applicable to all conditions—blush. If you have a round face then you can make it less round by brushing blush from the upper part of your cheeks to your temple, and if you have a long face, the blush should be placed at there is cheekbone is. Third, lipstick, few people would agree with it, how could a lipstick change your face shape? Well, a lipstick is something small and trivial, but without it, a face will lose certain points because it functions not only on the lips but also on the overall look of the face. Lipsticks in the bright color can make your face look thinner and smaller. But avoid using lipsticks which are too colorful if your face needs some work done because if your lips look too shining people will only focus on your lips. These are three main methods of changing the shape of the face depending on make up, besides, hairstyle, dressing style can also be conducive to making your face look smaller, just pay attention to them. BOLA TANGKAS