Three Super Powerful Tactics That Will Make Any Woman Go Nuts Over You

How is it that completely normal looking dudes manage to score the sexiest girls around? Consider the facts, man. If you’ve been getting shot down by girls night after night with no luck, then you must’ve been wondering how come some men have it so easy. The thing that you’re missing is the top secret strategy that pickup artists use to make girls fall completely for them, within seconds of their first meeting.

The good news is that these tactics aren’t difficult to pick up – as you’ll soon discover – but many men will still not understand the crucial elements of making women nuts over them. Keep reading, and learn what these secrets are and how to put them to good use.

Three Super Powerful Tactics That Will Make Any Woman Nuts Over You

Tactic #1. “Bring her into your world.” You can either completely makeover your personality in order to impress her, or you can turn the tables and make her do the work. When you put yourself in control of the situation, you are the one who has the power to reject her, because she believes you can have any girl you desire.

If you use this method to psych yourself, you can calm your nerves and loosen up a bit, which will make women actually fight to get your attention.

Tactic #2. “Right when she seems interested, bolt.” It’s all about frustration – picture that you’re in the middle of watching an intense game when your cable goes out. It sucks, right? The thing you want most is totally out of reach and it’s almost physically painful.

You can apply this principle to dating women. Get her to the point where she’s really enjoying chatting with you, and then take off without warning. You’re frustrating her by taking away what she wants, and you can bet that she’ll chase after it.

Tactic #3. “Use secret seduction tactics.” Here’s an extra, super secret tactic you can use to get girls: hypnosis. There’s a certain technique, known as “fractionation,” that masters in the seduction underground have long been using to get women to fall for them quickly – it only takes 15 minutes. It’s brutally effective, but also very controversial. If you’re going to use this move, make sure you consider the consequences.