Three Techniques to Become Popular and Impress Women

For several years, I have been noticing how thousands of people pick up girls, and I have derived some amazing conclusions from each and every trick they used, knowingly or unknowingly. In most of the cases, I saw many average looking guys getting hooked up with some of the hottest women. From my research, I found out that the following 3 techniques can be used to impress any woman and get instant results. Not only will these tips make you popular with girls, but will also help you establish a deep connection with them. Let us understand how.

1 # Use Your Friends To Pick Her Up

Get involved with your common friends. If the girl is from your group, you can take the help of your friends in this trick. Let me explain further. What will happen if someone from your group tells your girl that you have millions of dollars in your account? Of course, she may not believe it. But, if she hears the same thing from different people of your group, she will readily accept it. She has no reason to distrust you. Afterall, she has to believe her friends. That is how you can build a good social image. Thus, you can take the help of your trustworthy friends to tell her how good you are. But, at any time, she must not feel that your friends are exaggerating things about you.

2 # Tell Her Stories About Your Life

Do remember to tell her some really good stories of your life. You can choose any event that portrays you as a caring, sensible, and romantic person. All you have to do is to make sure that she enjoys your stories. The reason for telling stories is that good stories influence girls instantly. Do you remember the last time you watched an emotional movie? You reacted in an emotional way even when you knew you were not a part of the movie. That is the magic of story-telling! Use it effectively.

3 # Be A Fun Loving Guy

If you are a kind of person everyone likes to be with, you have already won half of your battle! If you are not, learn how to become entertaining and fun loving. A fun-loving nature and a good sense of humor are the essential prerequisites for becoming popular among girls.