Three Top Basketball Players – who is the best?

The NBA is truly “where amazing happens.” Top basketball plays are aplenty especially with the refined and extraordinary skill evinced by players such as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Viewers watching top basketball plays will invariably encounter a difficult fall away jumper by Kobe or a windmill dunk by Lebron James. The capacity for amazing feats of basketball prowess by these two players is unmatched by fellow professionals.


There are occasions where some notable players make “Kobe-esque” shots, however the consistency of such plays is unmatched when compared to this dynamic duo. It is therefore a difficult task to choose the better player as each player has peculiar abilities and potential unique to themselves. Is Kobe Bryant the top basketball player or is it LeBron James. Both possess seemingly immeasurable talent and skills. Both are young. Both exude unparalleled confidence both on and off the court. Both are about the same height. Both play with passion and gusto. Both claim that they are the MVP. Both play to win. So what differentiates these two players? The answer to that question can only be answered on a game to game basis.

Top basketball is interchangeable with Michael Jordan. Is there a little bit of Jordan in Kobe and Lebron? Has the pinnacle of excellence so materialized by Jordan been attained by Kobe or Lebron. Can there justifiably be any basketball player who has the requisite skill and talent to be fielded with the likes of Michael Jordan? Kobe and Lebron are top basketball candidates that can vouch for that level of excellence. Michael Jordan, like Kobe Bryant and Lebron, has the will, tenacity, and potential to win games. Additionally, all three players know that achieving top basketball status requires hard work off the court. Accordingly, all three players hit the weight room hard and frequently to attain a body shape that can embrace the rigors of 48 minutes of top basketball playing.

So who’s the best, Jordan, LeBron or Kobe? There might not be a definitive answer.