Three Ways to Stay Away From Office Politics

The moment we enter the professional life and our office there are few things which are given to us as complimentary gifts like anxieties, responsibilities, work pressure, corporate communication, deadlines, PR and last but not the least office politics.

Colleagues are like members of a big family called office. Like in other relationships outside office we feel frustration, experience competition, a fight for recognition, and a desire to be at the top and become the leader of all.

Office politics is an undeniable part of your professional life, and hurts the most when you come as a fresher unknown to the vicious act of this world. Whether you accept it or not but you are likely to get involved but it’s totally up to the individual as to how he is going to react to those circumstances. It’s quite easy to get involved in office politics. With so many people working together with totally different personalities and ideas there will be situations when disagreement will occur, issues will arise to heat up the atmosphere.
Your career will only shoot up like a rocket if you have the right influence and power management. If we go by what all HR say than it is very essential to take active participation in this game for career success. Your talents will go in vein which will limit your success if you are out of loop of office politics. Use this opportunity as a tool to achieve your goals.

So here are three very useful tips to intelligently handle and come over these office politics.

1. Avoid forming groups – When any new manager or CEO joins the company, he likes to form a comfort zone around himself for support. This kind of politics is no different than coalition governments. But we should keep in mind to remain neutral and not to join any such groups, because maintain distance will definitely help in long run.

2. Keep your eyes open – The best way to get through these office politics is to keep eyes and ears open for any kind of talk. One needs to know inside out to come out as a winner of this dirty game. Ask questions to seniors be it the manager or boss. Don’t hesitate. Learn from them by observing their activities. Don’t hesitate to ask questions only then can you learn. Ask them about the organizations value system and their practical existence; ask them about grounds on which decisions are based, which is important short term or long term outcomes, the risk factor. Only when you get your answer will you be clear about the work culture of your organization.

3. Show openness – One should try and develop assertive style through dense research to overcome this unending office politics. Even if there are negative talks about you, do not pay much attention instead try spreading positive vibration among coworkers. Be very clear that all good politicians play magic with their words. They twist and turn their sentence for their own benefits.