Thriller Books The Suspense is Unbearable


Be it a latest Robert Ludlum, or a worn out James Hadley Chase or the present day thrillers and crime and mystery book, written by such masters of the subject like David Baldacci, Steig Larssson, Sydney Sheldon, Anne Holt, Alex Greay, Marlin Cole, Jane Casey, Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Jobn Le Carre, Johen Grisham, James Patterson, Kurdo Baksi, Martina Fiorato, Stuart Neville, Ruth Rendell, Mark Billingham, Li Jensen, Alistair Maclean, Len Deighton, Micheal Caine, Earl Stanely Gardner, Agartha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, Desmond Bagley, and the innumerable Westerns featuring Sudden, etc. The names are never ending and will only continue to grow.

Somehow the sheer joy of keeping ourselves awake late into the night reading page after page of a thriller that seems to spring one nasty or sometimes pleasant surprise after the other. And even within thrillers there are kind and kinds, and still more kinds to keep everyone with differeing tastes interested. You, have say the very harddore, gory types that border on the horror. Then, comes the spy thirllerz, outright mysteries, where the investigating abilities of the Police and the crime detectio department comes into the focus. Then there are the Grisham and Perry Mason type of legal thrillers, and tthen the outright espionage and terrorism related books that are sometimes based on real life stories. We will be really made to ignore the sheer fantasy and so on and so forth.

Thriller Books are, and will continue to be the favourie of a ever growing number of readers who will do anything to be able to curl up with a utterly exciting suspense book that seem to be a seamling endless twists and turns. Not only are there a sea of books written or being written by an equally large number of author, but to the utter delight of readers of these thrillers, they are all sold cheaply all over the world. Espcially so in the UK. Here, a chain of promient retialers and those who specialise on selling Cheap Books have made sure that mose thrillers come to the buyers for around £ 20.