Tips And Tricks Of Photo Retouching And Restoration

Lives and living styles are changing every moment. But there is something, some occasions, locations and some people which can not be forgotten. A snapshot in time keeps records of those. Photographs recall and restore our memories by capture important events of lives. We feel great values for these photographs and endeavor to keep them well by using photo albums or picture frames. But the photos can be damaged by many causes, such as environmental factors- exposure to sunlight, temperature, humidity, handling, and the breakdown of the chemicals and photographic paper (or material) used in the photograph and the developing process. So we need to restore and retouch our photos. There are some common problems which can be corrected byphoto retouching,which are- Cracking, Extreme Fading, Fading, Tone and Contrast, Color fading and Shifting, Exposure problems, Significant damages. If one wants to retouch and restore the snaps, sometime the person can do it by oneself.
Common retouching possibilities are –
Control black in photos-Reducing black definition makes colors brighter without raising their saturation.
Tone the photo sepia (Colorization) – Adjust the preset tones. By knowing the original colors of the eyes, hair, skin tone, and clothes, one can get a more accurate colorization.
Control the strength of the softness- Control and spread of the softness It does not blur the images. It can also be used as a noise filter.
Sharpen photos- Sharpness does not create edge lines or artifacts as regular un-sharp mask does. Restrict sharpening to edges only, or blur selected colors, hues or shades in order to manipulate the focus and can be used to avoid edge roughness.
Control black-white contrast- Control black-white contrast independent of color-contrast and without changing the color or saturation. Improve the light in the photo by shifting the mean towards light or dark.
Special effects- Special effects include removing or adding people to a photograph, changing backgrounds, giving glamour makeovers, opening half-shut or completely eyes, removing braces and retainers, age reversal (ex. wrinkle and age spot removal), and weight reduction.
Photograph Restored-
It depends how much facial features (ex. eyes, nose, and mouth) are extremely damaged beyond recognition or missing. If one has the desire, time and patients; then one has the option of restoring a photograph oneself. There are a number of websites that offer tutorials, reviews and critiques of restorations. There are also several good books on photograph restoration. If one doesnt want to do the restorations by oneself the following approaches can be followed-
Friends and relatives have any recommendations, as they may have had some restoration or retouching work or one can start with a web search, the samples should give a good idea as to what one can expect.
The best methods for restoring are asking Photo Restoration Specialists to provide the detailed method(s) to restore photograph.
Many photographs are being stored on CD.
Photograph restoration andretouchinginvigorate photographs and keep the memories vivid.
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