Tips For Best Skincare – 3 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid

Did you know that many skincare products contain ingredients that can be bad for your skin? Read these tips for best skincare and you’ll find out what ingredients you need to watch out for.

I know, it sounds unbelievable that companies would use harmful chemicals just because they’re cheaper than natural ingredients, but it’s true, some ingredients can harm your skin over time. That is why we all need to educate ourselves, instead of just believing everything the commercials might say. Take a look at these common skincare ingredients:

#1 Mineral Oil (Also known as Petrolatum, Liquid Paraffin or Paraffin Wax)
It is used in so many creams, moisturizers and other products. It is effective in one way; keeping air from reaching the skin, which means your skin will keep its moisture better. But in the same time your skin will suffocate, which can lead to acne flare-ups. After using it for a prolonged period of time, your skin can become irritated and get wrinkles faster. You can also get drier skin after using a product with it, because your skin can become dependent of it.

#2 Fragrances
Anything you put on your skin will get absorbed by your body, that is something to think about knowing that many fragrances come from carcinogenic or toxic ingredients. Common fragrances can after prolonged use cause things like depression, hyperactivity and irritability. Avoid this by using skin care products without any fragrance, and if you want to smell good, just use small amounts of perfume or deodorant on certain places.

#3 Parabens (Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl, and Methyl Paraben)
Different kinds of parabens are used to increase shelf life of skincare products, but the latest studies suggest a link between parabens and cancer, and that they may cause rashes and allergic reactions.

These are three of the most important to watch out for, but there are some more still.