Tips for Hooking up PS3 with PS3 Scart Cable

For those who still use standard definition televisions or SDTV’s connecting your AV equipment using PS3 scart cable is the best solution for high quality audio and video. Topons stocks a wide range of high quality PS3 scart Cables and adapters.

If you are a stranger to PS3, then you may have no idea on how to hook up a PS3 with a PS3 scart cable. The Sony PlayStation 3 allows for several different kinds of PS3 av cable connections. There are high-definition cables such as HDMI, PS3 recharge cable and component, as well as standard definition cables such as S-video, PS3 scart cable and composite. On top of this, you can purchase PS3 scart cable to send high-quality audio to a different source than the video. This is particularly useful if you want to connect your PS3 to your surround-sound speaker system. You need to plug the cables in correctly and adjust the audio settings in the PS3 menu.

Turn off your PS3, and plug in one end of the PS3 scart cable into the back of the PS3. The input will be located to the right of the Ethernet input. Plug in the other end of the PS3 cable to your audio device input. Most often this will be your receiver.

Plug in the video cable to the PS3 and into your TV (if you have not already done so). The Optical cable is for audio only, so you will still need the video connected correctly. If you are using a connection that offers both audio and video together such as a component cable, it is OK to keep the audio cables plugged into the TV as they won’t affect the optical cable settings.

Turn on the PS3 and let it load to the main menu. Select “Settings,” choose “Sound Settings” and click “Audio Output Settings.” Choose “Digital Out (Optical)” from the audio options, and hit the “X” button on your PS3 controller. Save these settings.

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