Tips For Saving Money on Groceries: Go Grocery Shopping Alone

Although it isn’t always possible to go grocery shopping alone, you should try to do so as often as you can for the following reasons:

1.  You can get through the store faster.

Generally speaking, having other people with you will slow you down, especially if they are younger children who are unable to help you shop.

2.  You won’t have someone else distracting you.

 If you’re at the store by yourself, you can concentrate better especially when trying to calculate unit price, match up coupons with sales, etc. You may also be less likely to forget things if you don’t have someone distracting you.

3.  It will be easier to stick to your list since you won’t have someone else asking for treats or randomly throwing items into the cart. Some family members are more devious or demanding than others, but we’ve probably all had times when we ended up with a “few surprises” in our carts at the check out stand. Going to the store by yourself eliminates this problem!

4. Especially if you are a stay-at-home mom with younger children, time alone at the grocery store can actually be a break for you. Going grocery shopping alone can actually be a nice change of pace for a stay-at-home mom. This break can enable you to be a better mom once you get back home.

5. You won’t have to deal with the bad mood or demands of others. It is hard to grocery shop with a cranky child or baby who is perhaps missing a nap, or with a child who asks for numerous items during the shopping trip and then whines when you say no. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re by yourself!

6.  You can stop more easily to do other errands or enjoy special treats along the way. In general, you can get more done faster when you go to the grocery store without others with you, and you may find that grocery shopping alone provides you with a good opportunity to run a few other errands, or take advantage of some time alone to get together for a quick cup of coffee with a friend.

All in all, grocery shopping alone is a great way to save time, money, and sanity!