Tips On How To Maintain A Beautiful Skin Hydrating

Winter time, dry skin can easily become dull and inflexible, this time you will take your skin care problems? Rub thick moisturizing cream is a good note, however, from the skin and does not avoid the real problems. Drying in power, how can be done to perfect the protection and tender skin?

Q1: winter long acne, what anti-acne products in the

A1: acne is not breeding season of the points, winter Zhangdou, use too many anti-acne product, easy to make the skin more dry. Acne products are often your skin from the “smoke” away moisture, must be chosen with before. If you are dry or sensitive skin, be sure to select and mild cleanser designed for sensitive skin anti-acne products; If you are oily skin, so low in salicylic acid or hydrogen peroxide cleanser was the best In the meantime, you need to buy some pure salicylic acid acne products on the direct use in order to better solve the problem; if your face has been “tortured” very dry, and then preferably after cleansing , first with some softening of water and moisturizer, and then brushing anti-acne products.

Q2: just after the morning, T zone becomes oily, but other parts of his face more and more dry

A2: face oil shortage would indeed cover the phenomenon of the inner skin. It is “continues to produce oil,” the program so that the moisture within the skin to reduce the synchronization, the more oil the more severe water shortages, leading to problems of “foreign oil within the dry.” Therefore, the discovery “Maoyou” immediately pay, do not be deceived, not only controls the oil supply water. Usually high in fat secretion areas (forehead, nose and chin area on both sides) with a massage with a clean way to rotate the bottom up, gently massage the skin from the inside out, especially in the pores of the site, do a little deep massage , induced a fats; clean water after using the toner, moisturizer and moisturizing cream to add moisture.

Q3: staring at a computer all day, feeling fine lines around the corner eye

A3: Moisturizing Cream is the bane of fine lines around eyes, every morning and evening to take the amount of pearl particle size with the middle finger or ring finger to point the way the pressure evenly around the eyes. Specific approach is to use the middle finger under the lid of the eye tail from the inside corner of the eye to touch, then touch up the eyelid to the eye tail from the inside out, repeat 2 or 3 times. Fingertip temperature can help the infiltration and circulation, relieve fatigue, eliminate toxins deposited eye effect. Finally, the middle finger and ring finger merge point from the orbital direction of the sun light to slip a few times, reduce fine lines.

Q4: always feel dry after washing the face is very tight, very uncomfortable

A4: tense, indicating lack of water, quickly swapped into the wash products containing moisturizing ingredients, such as moisture or Cleansing Cream Cleanser, massage to face in the form of clean dirt and excess oil then wash with warm water.

Q5: evening around 8 o’clock, face powder a serious block Tuozhuang

A5: quickly relieved face makeup, and then select a texture and fresh delicate moisture foundation, foundation make powder and thin skin intimacy, to wipe a thin layer will not block pores also allows the skin to breathe more happy. “Water” as the basis for formulation of moisturizing foundation, foundation make oily skin get rid of the unnatural, not lasting, uncomfortable, and is the best makeup products.

Shiny skin flexible Q6: 20 years old, also appeared neck pattern

A6: Apply skin lotion after washing the face when coated together with associated neck, and gently massage (from the bottom up, from the middle to both sides), to promote the absorption of nutrients, reduce the neck of terror, “cross-sectional profile “increase the compactness and flexibility. Of course, the special Jingshuang or Firming Cream better. There are several components of the neck skin is very good: orchid oil, anise essence, ginseng essence, etc., which have antioxidant, revitalizing and moisturizing ingredients will lighten the texture features, the fight against aging, but also easy to cause skin allergies.