Tips On How You Should Behave on Your Prom

A person’s manners and table etiquette are scrutinized every single day but the time nearing prom and the actual event itself will get you twice as much scrutiny from the general public. People would want to look and act their best during prom night because they are looking to impress their individual dates as well. But etiquette isnt just learning how and when to use the spoon and fork. It is more on learning how to accept, decline or make invitations to the said event. Moreover, etiquette is knowing how to make your financial commitments to yourself and to your date. Etiquette is also involved in choosing your attire and of course dealing with your date’s parents. In other words, it is your general social skills that is involved.

Firstly, the invitation should be in order. In the traditional sense, it is usually the responsibility of the guys to ask the lady out for the date but during these more recent times, it is already acceptable for women to ask their male counterpart out for prom night. It’s better to ask someone who you have known for an ample amount of time and who you know can carry a good and intelligent conversation but asking people who you want to get to know better is also an option, although it is the less chosen path for fear of rejection. Secondly, your financial commitments should be in order. Traditionally, the one making the invitation should be responsible in paying for the night but it is already socially accepted these days that both parties should have a share in the expenses. Doing this can help you avoid digging through their pockets in order to produce the necessary funds needed.

In terms of the clothes, boys usually wear their tuxedos and girls are in their long gowns or dresses. Men, do not forget that you are responsible for acquiring a corsage for your date. Courtesy demands this and is needed for a traditional prom. For those considering on scoring points with your dates mom, try bringing here a small bouquet of flowers to lighten the mood.

Now we go on to the dinner itself. Gentlemen, please offer your date a seat before sitting down yourself. The ladies are usually seated at the right of the men if they are in a group. Always put your napkins on your lap and not tuck them under your chin. Avoid putting your napkins on the table unless you are already through eating. Ladies should order their food before the gentlemen do and everyone should wait until everyone has already been served before anyone starts eating. Remember the basics of turning off your phones during dinner and dont talk when your mouth is full.

Being sexy does not mean wearing skimpy dresses, you can be attractive with cute prom dresses just as long as you know how to carry the dress. You can look for long cheap prom dresses that would fit your fashion taste as well as your budget.