Tips to Ensure a Perfect First Email to Your eBay Customer

Quality merchandise at reasonable prices is the winning combination when attracting people to bid and buy on your eBay listings. But what can make you stand out from your competition is outstanding customer service. Customers will buy from you again if they liked the service that you provided them.

Where does service start in an eBay sale? It’s the very instant that you email them after they have purchased your product. It is at that point when you have the opportunity to begin creating a long term customer from a one time purchaser.

Here are some tips to take into consideration when generating that first email.

eBay tip number 1: Let your new customers know when they are going to get their product. I realize that the timetable for shipping varies but do the best you can based on the shipping option that is being used.

eBay tip number 2: Provide your customer with the name of the item that they bought and the listing number. This is also another way to double check their order and to avoid unnecessary refunds. Yes, it is their responsibility to record this information but it is insurance on your part to go the distance and remind your eBay customer of these details.

eBay tip number 3: Be sure to make it clear and verify the closing purchase amount. Although this will be known, it is still nice to remind the customer of how much they have paid for your item.

eBay tip number 4: If you allow your customer to pay by cheque, let them know you will hold the product while waiting for the cheque to clear. Give them an idea of how long this will be.

eBay tip number 5: If you are allowing a cheque or money order payment, be sure to tell them your name and address and to indicate to whom the payment should be made payable.

eBay tip number 6: Request that your buyer include the item name and listing number with their payment.

eBay tip number 7: Confirm in your email that you will be shipping to the address shown on the eBay sale email, unless they inform you otherwise. Do not risk a bad feedback from a buyer just because you did not confirm the shipping address.

eBay tip number 8: If your buyer has already paid you via PayPal, leave them good feedback and let them know of this in the first email. This may help to ensure a smoother transaction and a good reciprocal feedback from your buyer.

eBay tip number 9: Last but not least, be sure to include your phone number for contact information when selling your eBay products. This may help expedite the process and also gives them a point of contact which could help to prevent problems from arising.

By using some or all of this suggestions you will be giving yourself the best chance to complete a smooth transaction with positive feedbacks all round.


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