Tips To Heal Your Relationship

If your man has left you or wants to break up your, you may feel utterly devastated. You still love him and you want your love to last. But before you try to get your man to love you back, let me tell you male psychology. Although I’m not a man, I have experienced a shocking and devastating breakup that made me feeling like road kill. This is very helpful for you.



But before you continue trying to get someone to love you back, I want to help you understand male psychology.


I am not a man, but I have been through a shocking and devastating breakup that left me feeling like road kill and there are secrets that you need to know about how men work in relationships and particularly when it comes to wanting out.


When you don’t understand these secrets, you will become like someone who a man wants to put a restraining order against.


I know you don’t think your man is like that, but first let me tell you although you were together and you thought of him as your boyfriend or husband, he’s first and foremost “male.”


And he’ll instinctly respond in certain ways when it comes to relationships. As a woman, you may not have taken the time to understand this on a much deeper level because you’ve been used to being around each other and have gotten used to the way he responds.


But in the world of male psychology, a woman should never fight for a man. It wont make sense to you as a woman because we are wired to nurture and care for others and we think that trying to convince a man equates to caring. This won’t work for you.


Have you seen how plenty of women once they get into a relationship try to change the man they are with? Well, men secretly fear this. They actually don’t want women to change them. In the world of male speak, female nagging will only cause male rebellion.


And this is why your man is pulling further and further away from you. When men feel unwanted pressure, they self-preserve in order to keep their power. This is why the need to get away from you is even stronger.


So trying to convince him to love you will do more harm than good. When he hears you, he’ll feel the need to bolt as this is a sign that you’re still trying to “change” him.