Tips To Lose Weight

My goal here is to provide for you some great ideas to get ride of excess weight that you may have. In todays age it really is not easy to be at the ideal weight because of fast food marketing, horrible food options everywhere and hanging out with friends that encourage overeating.

Like many things there is not a one-size fits all, and in order for someone to truly get to their ideal weight they have to actually want to do it backed with action.

In this article I can provide some ideas, but thats all I can do. I also believe that if people want to be overweight that is their choice as well and they have the right to it.

The first really good tip for someone to lose weight is that they should eat food. Yes here is why, when you starve yourself it triggers the famine response so your body takes calories from your muscle.

When this does happen it is not healthy because you end up being able to burn less calories, don’t have as much energy, and are constantly craving food. The bottom line is that the more muscle you have the calories you can burn.

This is why with some diets by eating less food, you end up with less muscle, less calories you can burn. Then you will end up with a lot more fat when you stop dieting which is a yo-yo.

The next difficult thing about some diets is that some of them are just plain horrible. Dieting doesnt have to be a horrible stinky experience. I really think that just like with excercise to do something that you want to do and like, so you are more likely to continue doing it and not do a yo-yo. (Its where you lose weight for a short amount of time and then gain it right back again).

So it really is a lifestyle change. I believe the key is to change your lifestyle to a different one that you both enjoy and will allow you to reach your ideal weight.

The first thing to do is in the grocery store. Stop buying simple carbohydrates/sugars and trans fats. {For example,

-french fries
-ice cream
-white rice
-white bread

These are of course examples.Now what you want to purchase more of is

-products with fiber to make you feel full such as oatmeal.

(Basically the perimeter of the grocery store is where a lot of good food is). BOLA TANGKAS